Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Peace is not a spectator sport
Rotary International -- 22 December 2008

Peace has always mattered to Rotary. It's a part of our mission. Working for peace, though, can be challenging. It takes courage to go where there is unrest.
"Peace is not a spectator sport," says Past RI President Charles C. Keller. "We must become more proactive in our peace-building activities."
Included in this photo gallery are just a few of the Rotarians and family and friends of Rotary who are working for causes where peace is a critical part of the solution.

Past RI President William B. Boyd and Gillian Sorenson, a senior adviser at the United Nations, discussed the turmoil of war and the future role of Rotary's peace program at the inaugural Rotary World Peace Symposium in 2007. Sorenson called upon Rotary World Peace Fellows to be "the first guard of a mighty peaceful army." The next peace symposium will be held at the 2009 RI Convention. Photo by Rotary Images/Alyce Henson.

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